About Us

About Us

Hello, I'm Colin Bowden-Brown, the founder of Bowden-Brown Watches. 

I think that creating my own watch brand has been something my life has been building up to since I started my apprenticeship with English China Clays in 1979. I've worked with metal all my life, starting with giant 50 ton dump trucks and bulldozers and now the very smallest of components. My study of the riddle of steel has also included Kenjutsu: Japanese swordsmanship where I achieved several black belts.

I first imagined creating my own watch brand while talking over a pint, with my good friend Stuart Cox, in my local pub The William IV in Truro. It has to be said that a great deal of the design work was carried out in The William. We would regularly spend many hours discussing the finer details of the watch design! A tough job, but we were up to the task! They say the best ideas are written on beer mats!

We wanted Bowden-Brown to be essentially a Cornish brand, so as well as sourcing parts and services as locally as possible, we featured the Cornish flag at the 12 o'clock position on the dials and 'Truro' & 'Cornwall' either side of the 6 o'clock marker. We also put 'Jam First' on the case back to support the Cornish stance in the great Cream Tea debate! All Bowden-Brown watches are hand assembled by me, Colin Bowden-Brown in my workshop in Truro, just yards from the iconic Cathedral and therefore will be limited in number.

Even the box it comes in is custom made in Cornwall.